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The process works by filling a room with a cold or dry mist of tiny particles. These particles remain suspended in the air long enough to kill 99.9% of any airborne virus or bacteria. As the particles settle onto all surfaces, the biocide kills everything untouched by conventional cleaning and continues to kill the bacteria for at least 30 days.

A dry fog or dry mist generator is ideal where the objective is to sanitise the air as well as the surfaces within a confined area, and especially applicable in areas where there is electrical or sensitive equipment continually housed. Cold mist is suitable for Gym's Classrooms, Theatres & Nursery areas etc. Dry mist is suitable for areas with Computers and Electrical equipment such as offices.

Upon each job completion. A swab test is carried out to test for protein which is then logged onto our system.

You will also be provided with a copy of the test so you can proudly show you customers your premises is bacteria free

Alchemy Sanitizing Solutions Ltd specialise in the decontamination of viral and bacterial surfaces and areas. 

Our new technology of Cold & Dry Mist cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria including Corona Virus MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, 
Norovirus, Fungai & Algae. This process minimises the risk of disease and illness, destroying germs and ensures all previously infected areas are clean and free from bacteria and viruses. 


Premises left untreated can be life threatening and can lead to a threat of closure.

The benefits of this treatment remain active for 30 days! 


The best protective precaution in our fight against COVID-19. This is helping to prevent the spread of the virus whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

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